Manufactured in Lititz, PA
Commercial grain and forage mixers


FarMaster Inc has been producing Farmmaster forage mixers and Garmin Commercial Grain mixers for over 30 years in Lititz Pa.

FarMaster Forage Mixers are designed for outstanding durability and endurance. They are built to last and reduce downtime for repair. Uniquely engineered with minimum moving parts these mixers have a rotating drum and use gravity as part of the mixing process. In addition to being durable this unique design allows Farmmaster forage mixers to be some of the most cost effective TMR mixers in the industry. This process produces premium quality feed resulting in a fresher mix that insures increased consumption.

Gramin Commercial and Large Capacity Grain Mixers are engineered for both efficiency and cost effectiveness. They excel at both of these because the units employ gravity as part of the mixing process. This means they require less horsepower and makes them less costly to operate. Both heavy duty and quiet, these larger capacity mixers provide quick and total blending of grains, mineral supplements and vitamins.


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